Current Projects

Berkshire corporate focus on acquiring in areas within Greater London and other major counties with accessible transport network into major Cities in the UK. It is expedient that all our sites be within a 45-minute commute to Central London with nearby public transport and local services.

The core of our operations is to acquire dated and undervalued assets and transform them into luxury but affordable structures.

We remain committed to our unwavering vision to develop luxury urban living spaces in areas with excellent transport links and amenities at affordable prices.

Explore our diverse collection of developmental projects throughout London.

Current Berkshire Corporate


Location: London Heights, Camberley, GU15
Status: construction
projected completion: January 2019
ROI: 183%
Profit % Of GDV: 26.10%
Profit % Of Costs: 35.30%

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Current Berkshire Corporate


Location: Ardler Mews, Reading, RG4
Status: planning
Time Scale: 18 Months
Profit % Of GDV: 30%
Profit % Of Costs: 42%
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Current Berkshire Corporate


Location: Wantage Parks,Reading, RG30
Status: Construction
Time Scale: 10 Months
Profit % Of GDV: 23%
Profit % Of Costs: 30%
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