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Berkshire Corporate Group is a leading UK property investment and asset management company. We are continually transforming dated and uninspiring buildings into valuable real estate assets. But that involves quite a bit more than just brick-and-mortar work. A building that isn’t working for you is not truly an asset, and Berkshire Corporate manages your commercial or residential buildings in order to deliver the highest possible ROI and to protect your capital investments.

Luxury Residential Developers London

We continue to provide luxurious yet affordable living for our consumers.

Between the blend of our years of experience in the industry, the ingenuity of our experts, and the foresight of our investors, we are able to turn mere buildings into lovely homes.

Not all property investment companies Londoners use are created equal.

We are steadily redefining the quality of living in the United Kingdom, and it is making us one of the property investment companies London uses most. By developing shrewd instincts for acquiring properties and working with only the best architects and contactors, Berkshire Corporate has established a culture of excellence to which we owe our success.


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If you have any questions for us, you may reach out to Berkshire Corporate via partnerships@berkshirecorporate.co.uk

London Heights

Key figures

Location: London Heights, Camberley, GU15
Status: In-construction
projected completion: January 2019
Profit % Of GDV: 26.10%
Profit % Of Costs: 35.30%

Ardler Mews

Key figures

  • Status: Planning
  • Time Scale 18 Months
  • Profit % Of GDV: 30%
  • Profit % Of Costs: 42%

Wantage Parks

Key figures

  • Status: Construction
  • Time Scale 10 Months
  • Profit % Of GDV: 23%
  • Profit % Of Costs: 30%
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Our Location:

71 Shelton Street,
Covent Garden,
London, WC2H 9JQ

Email: partnerships@berkshirecorporate.co.uk

Reading Office: 01183 242 323
London Office: 02082 421 555