Berkshire Corporate Group is a leading UK residential property investment and development company


Established in 2016, Berkshire Corporate was set up primarily as a residential developer.

Our focus is maximising asset value by utilising correct asset purchase, adding value through detailed understanding of the planning process and constant changes, activating a mix of units delivered with a consistently high level of design, specification whilst understanding the local market and end users.

About Us Berkshire Corporate

An Investment Property Business Built On Core Values

Integrity – The transparency in how we operate with our investor partners looking for high return investment is what allows us to continue to grow. Through exceptional pre-planning and design work, we deliver outstanding results for our investor partners and clients with the sole aim to create long term relationships delivering high return opportunities over and over.

Innovation – Our design partners are constantly briefed on ensuring the latest trends and benefits are looked at being incorporated within our investment property projects. Constant research and exploration ensures we are at the forefront of introducing the latest innovations that ensure customer satisfaction and thus profitable projects

Security – ‘Protection before Profit’ One of the mantras we live and breath by when looking at our development projects is to ensure the downside is protected first protecting our financial investments from our investors. Safe investments with high returns are what we all want but using our DEPOSIT structure we ensure safety first with all our developments.

Team – We are big believers in collaboration to form partnerships as having the right team on board makes all the difference. From Planning Consultants to Architects and Contractors we deliver projects with some of the best in the business delivering the vision of perfection and relentless attention to detail throughout.

Berkshire Corporate Aims To Become The Finest Property Investment Company In UK

Berkshire Corporate’s ambitions have not changed.

The property market in England continues to inspire and excite us coinciding with our ability to look at undervalued opportunities that allow us to deliver beautifully designed places to live.

We strive to create a living experience like no other for our end users. It is more than bricks and mortar; it’s about delivering a unique service and experience. We go beyond what most of London’s property investment companies deliver because our clients deserve more. Now more so than ever, we genuinely believe the ‘GoldRush’ opportunity to acquire UK property investment that delivers safe investment with high returns is here for us to act on!

The future is indeed an exciting one for Berkshire Corporate and our partners and professional teams alike.

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Our Location:

71 Shelton Street,
Covent Garden,
London, WC2H 9JQ


Reading Office: +44 01183 242 323
London Office: +44-02082 421 555

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