Berkshire Corporate Group is a leading UK property investment and asset management company

About Us Berkshire Corporate

Delivering Exceptional Living Experience

Berkshire Corporate Group is a leading real estate development and management firm in London. We are at the forefront of modern technological advances in the ways buildings are designed and constructed.


The Luxury Residential Developers London Trusts

With a keen interest in transforming dated and uninspiring buildings into luxury residential and commercial assets, Berkshire Corporate continues to strive to deliver a unique and exceptional living experience to its valuable users.

Our operational policies ensure that we can regularly deliver, maintain and maximise value for our clients and financiers, whether international or local. At Berkshire Corporate, we are constantly adapting to a fast-changing world of design. We keep devising new and advanced ways of developing and managing our assets to deliver optimum value to our investors whilst also creating a lovely living experience for the end users. This is how we became the luxury residential developers London turns to first, and how we intend to remain so.


Our Journey – becomming one of the property investment companies London trusts most

Over the course of the years, the journey has certainly had its ups and downs. Starting our journey in Sunny South Wales, the light bulb moment came to move back to an area we know having mastered proof of concept of our idea.


Berkshire Corporate Aims To Join The Finest Property Investment Companies In London

Berkshire Corporate’s ambitions have not changed.

The property market in England continues to inspire and excite us coinciding with our ability to look at undervalued opportunities that allow us to deliver beautifully designed places to live. The property investment companies London relies upon can find these opportunities, and do wonders with them.

We strive to create a living experience like no other for our end users. It is more than bricks and mortar; it’s about delivering a unique service and experience. We go beyond what most of London’s property investment companies deliver, because our clients deserve more.

The future is indeed an exciting one for Berkshire Corporate and our partners and professional teams alike.