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Berkshire Corporate Group is a leading UK residential property investment and development company

Who We Are

We are London-based property developers with years of experience in renovation, commercial to residential conversion, and new-build development.  We work with investors and use property as a vehicle to increase their wealth without the burden of becoming a full-time landlord or property developer. 

At Berkshire Corporate we put people at the heart of our business and see our clients as valued members of the team. The success of our clients is equally as important to us as the success of our projects.

Whether you are looking to build a legacy or long term, generational wealth we believe that UK property investment can be used as a vehicle to achieve this so if you would like to discover more today then book a call with us here.

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Offering Secure Yet Sustainable Returns To Our Investor Partners In UK Property Development

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What We Do

We work with our established team of property professionals to ensure the same, consistent level of high-quality finish that we demand on all our developments.

By working with private investors we are able to fund high-value development opportunities that have a long lasting, positive impact on the areas that we develop. Our investors receive a return on any money invested in our projects while the local area gets access to new homes which will house families for years to come.

At Berkshire Corporate we use our established connections to find lucrative development opportunities both on and off-market right in the heart of England. Having the experience, credibility, and team that we have built over the years gives us a strategic advantage over our competition and makes us a safer investment than the less savvy, newer developer.

Our Core Values

We Are Dedicated

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our client’s capital and the high return that we promise.

Integrity Is Key

To us integrity is as important as the bricks that we build with. We hold ourselves and our projects to the highest standard.

Honest & Transparency

We promise to be open and honest in all our interactions. Honesty is paramount to our business.

Be Passionate & A Can Do Attitude

At Berkshire Corporate we are passionate about getting you results and are confident through our years of experience.

Competent & Reliable

Our track record of high-quality developments and satisfied investors compliment our reliability.

Take Ownership, be self motivated

We take ownership of the whole development and provide you with regular updates so that you don’t need to lift a finger.

Meet Our Leadership

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