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Property investment is one of the most notorious investment strategies in the world and some of the earth's wealthiest people owe their fortune to it. Property investing is one of the most versatile investment strategies available due to the many different strategies available. Whether you are looking for monthly cash flow or a pension pot that you can save and pass to your children, property offers it all.

Like all investment’s property does propose a financial risk but we believe that this is a risk that can be heavily mitigated by having the right team around you. Property is a people’s game and by working with the right people you can accelerate your growth while simultaneously reducing the risk that you are exposed to.

You can invest in property on your own as a solo investor but we believe that it is much more rewarding to have a strong and experienced team around you.

We wanted to use this page to inform you on the risks and benefits of UK property investment and how using a UK property investment company can help you to mitigate these risks while reaping the rewards.

What is UK property investment?

UK property investment is the process of purchasing a property with the intention of making a profit upon resale after the effects of capital appreciation have taken place. Property investors make a return on their money in two forms. Firstly, from the value of the property increasing over time (capital appreciation) and secondly from the income that they receive in rent. Unlike most investments property Is tangible and since there is a physical asset to leverage against it makes it more secure than most of the other forms of investment.

How Can I invest in the UK Property Market?

Although purchasing a house seems like the obvious answer the reality is much more complex.  Like all investments, it is vital that you arm yourself with education before getting started. Being educated is the difference between making or losing a fortune.  Books and courses have their place but there is no substitute for experience. If you are new to property investment in the UK then you can always seek the experience of someone who already has it. At Berkshire Corporate we are always more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with investors who are looking to increase their wealth through property investment. As a London property investment company with experience in both property investment and development,we pride ourselves as being experts in the subject.

By working with long standing developers such as ourselves you save thousands of pounds on training courses and educational material.  Instead, you get to make money while learning from our experience. Investing with a credible property company such as Berkshire Corporate allows you to bypass the headache of:

  • Sourcing your own investments.
  • Negotiating the price.
  • Dealing with conveyancing.
  • Finding a team who are suitable.

By utilising and learning through the experience of others you get to make a return on your money while doing the things that you enjoy. To us property is about making your money work for you rather than you working even harder for it. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you to get started today, then please fill out the call back form to the right of this page.

Why should I invest in UK Property?

As of 2021 the Bank of England’s interest rate is 0.1% per annum while the current rate of inflation is at a staggering 0.4%.  This means that money in the bank is decreasing by 0.3% each year. £10 today is not worth as much as it was ten years ago and it will be worth even less ten years from now. So how does investing in property help this matter? The average rental property in the UK brings a return on investment of 8% a year. This means that your money is working much harder for you in a buy to let than it is sat in a bank account. If money is correctly invested in the UK property market it can do anything from replacing your monthly income to providing a solid inheritance for your children. Some of the reasons that investors chose to invest with us rather than investing directly into property themselves is:

  • We can offer the same return on investment that they would get from doing all the work themselves.
  • In some cases we can actually offer a higher return on investment
  • They get the wealth accumulating benefits that property offers without the headache of becoming a landlord.
  • No need to pay for ongoing property maintenance.
  • No need to conduct countless viewings to find a suitable investment opportunity.

Property is also a notoriously safe investment since there is a tangible asset involved which can be borrowed against and sold if needed. In the case of development sites, such as the ones we deal with, the land we build on is an asset and can be sold along with the ongoing development should a worst case scenario arise. As a property investment company in London, we have personally seen London house prices rise by 60% from 2007 which is one of the many reasons that we chose London as an investment area. Working with us allows clients to take advantage of the ever-increasing price of London housing without doing all of the groundwork and area background checks themselves.

There is always a risk attached when investing which is why we stress that it is important that you employ the services or seek advice from experienced professionals such as Berkshire Corporate before you take any immediate action. 

What are the Risks of property investing?

All investment comes with risk which is why you should only ever invest what you can afford to lose. Although we are avid property investors ourselves we do not advocate serious risk but instead endorse sensible, risk aversive tactics.Some of the risk aversive tactic that we employ in our business are:

  • Using the same established team on all of our developments so that we are guaranteed the same level of high quality finish that we demand.
  • Undertaking thorough due diligence on all potential development sites to ensure there is enough profit margin to account for any unforeseen issues or costs.
  • Completing all relevant checks and surveys on land or development sites before purchase

Risk can be managed and the first step in managing risk when it comes to UK property investment is to get educated by speaking with established property professionals. We are a property investment company in London but the strategies that we employ can be used anywhere in the UK. We want to ensure that all investors are taking a safe, risk-adverse approach to property which is why we offer free discovery calls for anyone who is looking to get started. If you want to get involved in property investment today, then pleasehere to discover more.

How We Outperform Other Property Investment Companies?

20+ Years Experience

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What should I do before investing in UK property?

Knowledge is power so we recommend arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Some property trainers charge thousands of pounds to teach people investment strategies. We believe that the only true way to learn about property is to get involved.  The thousands of pounds spent on books and courses could instead be invested and making a return for you. We like to educate our clients when they work with us by guiding them through the project and showing them what we have accomplished and how we did it. This way clients get paid to learn rather than paying for classroom education. If you are interested in some free material, we have our own e-book which shows how to make your money work harder for you in property. This can be downloadedhere

But we have to say that when it comes to education there is no better substitute than experience. After all, we learn the most from our mistakes. We are aware that this sounds a little mystic. How can you start something without prior experience to do so?  You can leverage other people’s setup and experience and bypass those steep learning curves. You can then get started in an industry that will make your money work harder for you. We are always looking for new clients to get involved in our developments and investments so if you are wanting to utilise the experience and credibility of an established developer like Berkshire Corporate then please book your call back using the link to the right-hand side of this page today.

How much would I need to invest in the UK Property Market?

To start investing in the UK property market the vanilla way you would typically need enough cash to cover the 25% deposit, legal fees, and refurbishment work for any modernisation that needs to be undertaken on the property. 

London property investments will typically require much more upfront capital than would be needed in the north of England due to the substantial difference in house prices. This is why London property investment can be much harder to get into if you do not have the upfront capital necessary. 

At Berkshire Corporate we believe that everyone should be given the chance to make their money work for them in property regardless of the capital they have access to. By working with us you can be offered the same return that you would get from purchasing your own property but without the large amount of capital needed to do so. We work with you to use property as a vehicle to grow your starting capital and get you a return on money that would otherwise be depreciating in the bank. To find out more about this process please here to get in touch today.

What types of property investment options do you offer?

As a property investment company in London, we can offer a vast array of different investment opportunities depending on the returns that you are hoping to achieve. Our main investment opportunities include:

  • New build developments.
  • Commercial to residential conversion.
  • “Flips” (renovating a property and selling it for a profit).

We chose these strategies because they achieve a larger profit than standard property investment which in turn allows us to offer a higher return on investment to our clients. You can discover more about property development and how you can get involved in it with us by clicking here

What are the Advantages of Investing in The UK Property Market?

Some of the risk mitigating benefits of UK property investment are:

  • The fact that you are investing in a tangible asset and not a nonphysical investment like stocks and shares which can just feel like numbers on a screen.
  • Property is a physical asset means it is a much safer investment. Properties can’t just disappear or drop to nothing overnight.
  • The 18-year property cycle demonstrates that even though property prices can drop (as shown in the 2008 crash) they do increase again over time.

Some of the other benefits, as discussed above, is that unlike most investments’ property can be simultaneously used as a vehicle for both long-term wealth and monthly cashflow. Some people create a property portfolio so that it can be handed to their children whereas others use property as a vehicle to replace their income entirely.The drawback of working as a solo investor and purchasing individual properties to achieve any of these goals is that it forces you to become a landlord and deal with any maintenance issues that may arise.  For example, if a boiler breaks it could cost you thousands of pounds to repair which would seriously affect the return on investment that you were hoping to achieve that year. By investing in development projects like ours you still get guaranteed security and a set return on your investment without needing to take up the mantle of landlord and all the additional burdens that come with it. We are not trying to put you off property investment but we believe in honesty and openness and believe that you should be fully aware of both the benefits and the drawbacks of investing in property. Some people enjoy being landlords and dealing with tenants but at Berkshire Corporate we are happy to offer a more passive option.

Property is diverse and if invested incorrectly it can have multiple financial benefits. If you would like to discover some of the other, less obvious benefits of UK property investment then please get in touch and book a FREE consultation with a friendly member of our team.


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Property Investment UK FAQ’S

We are a property investment company based in London and operate in the surrounding counties. We have completed investment projects such as Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) Conversions, Buy to Sell (Flip), Buy-Refurbish-Refinance (BRR). The bulk of our current investments are development projects which can either be properties that we build from the ground up or existing commercial units which can be converted into residential dwellings. We have experience in all of these different investment strategies and more information can be viewed on our website.

We are a property investment company based in London. However, we do invest in other areas across the UK depending on the project/deal. Our focused areas are London and the surrounding home counties but have experience in other areas of the UK property investment market.

Any investment carries risks. These can include end value of a flip not being expected, all money invested isn’t pulled out from a BRR deal or we enter a world wide pandemic which affects the whole industry. Some risks are not foreseen, and so we ensure that we take on the best possible deals out there. That means that our due diligence process is bullet proof and includes (understanding the area, understanding local employment, understanding local housing purchase/rental prices, understanding material costs dependant on area) and so much more, to ensure that our risks are mitigated as much as possible and our partner’s investments are protected.

We offer fixed returns of 5-10% on any private investment. The % amount depends on the project/deal itself, therefore, the higher the investment needed, the higher the returns typically are.

This depends on the deal itself. For example: a commercial conversion project we completed in Reading took only 4 months. We also completed a BRR project in Reading of much larger scale which took 11 months.

There are many ways to find property investment deals. These include on market deals (using websites such as Rightmove, zoopla, and estate agents etc). We also run strategic marketing campaigns targeting landowners whom we believe possess land or sites that we can use our skills, expertise and experience to maximise the value of their land.