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From modernising old, run-down properties to building new ones from the ground up property development offers a wide range of financially lucrative opportunities. The UK is in dire need of housing as our small island cannot keep up with the housing demand of the growing population. The ever-increasing cry for housing means that property development has never been more needed and by becoming involved in development today you can help us to generate the supply that is demanded.

Many people believe that it takes years of experience and a whole life of devotion to get started in large-scale property developments. It took Berkshire Corporate ten years to work at the scale it does today which is why we take pride in helping people to get involved in development without the slow climb that most other people have to ensure. Property development is as much about the team that you have around you as it is the property that you are building and having the wrong team can cost you both your time and your invested capital.

We wanted to use this page to outline the positive effects that property development can have on your life while also covering the risks that can be involved and how you can avoid them. We hope that this page is your first step in getting involved in property development and reaping the financial benefits that it creates.

What is UK property development?

UK Property Development can take many forms including:

  • “Flips” where a run-down property is purchased, modernized, and sold for a profit.
  • Large scale newbuild development sites.
  • Converting vacant commercial sites into residential dwellings

If invested in correctly property development can net high yield returns for investors looking to make their money work for them.  Like all investments, property development can go wrong. However, the mistakes that you typically see first-time developers face comes from a lack of experience or failure in building a team on who’s experience they can utilise.

In our opinion property development is one of the most satisfying property investment models available because of the difference it allows you to make in an area.

Previously run-down, uninhabitable properties can be turned into lavish luxury homes that raise the value of the surrounding area rather than decrease it. Brownfield land that was previously a vacant eyesore can be transformed into new build housing that will home families for years to come. Property development provides everything from high yield returns on investment to moral satisfaction.  So if this is something that you want to get involved in then please get in touch by clicking hereto request a call back.

What does a property developer do?

We develop properties! All joking aside, property development can come in all different shapes and sizes. It can be as grandiose as converting a nursing home into a block of apartments or as small as fitting a new kitchen and bathroom in an unhabitable property. Typically speaking, property developers work as part of a larger team to ensure that developments can be completed with efficiency. For example, at Berkshire Corporate we work with the same team of:

  • Planning consultants.
  • Architects
  • Solicitors
  • Surveyors
  • Finance Brokers
  • Property Contractors

The reason behind us working with the same team of professionals listed above is to ensure the consistent, high quality finish that we demand of all our developments. For us, property development isn’t just about the profit at the end of the project but the positive difference we have on the community once it is complete. It is our duty to uplift areas and answer the UK’s crying demand for housing.  This is what makes property development rewarding both financially and ethically.


As private property developers we work with investors to fund larger projects with higher returns. We like to offer our investors a minimum of 5-10% return for any capital invested in our projects. We want to ensure that they feel the financial benefits of our developments as well as the moral ones. The best part about the return that we offer is the fact that we don’t expect you to do anything for it. You don’t have to be on site in a hard hat or behind a desk finding suitable land sites. We do all the hard work for you while you spend time with the family, go to work or run your business. The returns offered through property development (when investing with professionals) are completely passive and can be financially life changing.

How can you get started in UK Property Development if it’s your first time?

Before you begin to rip out kitchens and replace carpets you must build a team of experienced and credible professionals to help you avoid those costly mistakes. In property development, this team is referred to as your “Professional Team”. Without a professional team you would need to do everything yourself from knocking down walls to securing development finance. We understand that building this team and starting in a brand new industry can feel overwhelming. This is why we work with investors to make the process easy and simplistic. If you want to work alongside an experienced developer with prior projects under their belt, then you can do so by investing with us today.

One of the many perks of working with Berkshire Corporate is that you don’t need an established professional team or a CV of property refurbishments because we have all of this for you. You can leverage our team and experience to get fast tracked into property development and start making your money work for you. To find out more about this process you can book a call back using the form to the right-hand side of this text. Working with us allows you to utilise the years of experience necessary to work on those large-scale, high-profit developments that make a tangible difference to the area.

What should you look for in a London Property Developer?

Before you invest any money it is vital that you feel confident in both the project that you are investing in and the person you are investing with. You can have the best development in the world but if the developers that you are working with are not up to the task then the whole deal will fall apart. Credible developers will have a track record of successful projects and happy financers.

Professional developers will be more than happy to show you their previous work and allow you to see references from previous investors.  At Berkshire Corporate we believe in absolute transparency and are happy to show people our track record of previously completed developments. We have a broad range of experience and a diverse portfolio which ranges from commercial to residential conversions all the way up to new build development. We have credibility, experience and a well-established team. All of these factors work together to minimise risk and maximise investor returns.

If you would like to learn a little more about some of the projects we have completed in the past then you can do this by clicking on the “Our Projects” tab at the bottom of this page or by clicking this link. Transparency and integrity are two of our most valued virtues and we believe that these are traits that all developers should demonstrate. To us, property development is a business as much as it is an investment which is why it requires constant attention, risk management, and a good reputation.

How We Outperform Other Property Developers?

Over 20 Years Experience

Design Led

Proven Track Record

Customer Focused

Dedicated Team

Highly Skilled

What Development areas do you cover in the UK?

We are a London property development company who develop within London and the home counties.

As mixed-use property developers, we find that the capital of England has a lot to offer us and by extension, the clients that we work with. Three, brief examples of these benefits would be:

  • The high prices of the South allow us to work on deals with a higher end value.
  • Higher value deals allow us to offer a higher return to our clients.
  • We are based in London and therefore know the best places to invest.

What would be a small-scale flip in the North can generate huge profits in the South and what would be a five-figure profit margin in Leeds might be six-figure profit margin in London.

Although we can look at other areas of the UK we are local to London and have experience developing in this area which gives us access to local knowledge that few residential property developers have. Knowledge of your development area is as important as the bricks that you chose to build with. The wrong house in the wrong area can lead to disastrous results with profit margins being much lower than expected and properties remaining on the market for months. We know the area and the professionals that we work with which means we are ahead of the competition.

What Types of Property Development Options Do You Offer?

At Berkshire Corporate we have a vast experience in everything from commercial to residential conversions to new build homes in London and even converting residential properties into houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs). We believe in diversification and tailor our projects to the budget and needs of our clients. We understand that investing is not a one size fits all approach and therefore we diversify our development opportunities while always managing risk. To find out more about our upcoming developments and how you can get involved click the “Get In Touch” button at the top of this page.



What Are the Advantages of Working With us as Your London Property Developer?

As residential property developers in London, we have the local knowledge and established connections to complete all developments with efficiency and the high-quality finish that we promise. Developers with an unspecified investment area have to build a new team each time they start a new project. This means that they are working with a new team each time and don’t know the capabilities of this team until a project has been completed (when it is too late).

From converting existing properties to building them from the ground up we have worked on it all and we wear this experience proudly on our sleeves. We are property investors ourselves so we know what projects are going to be suited to you but more importantly, we know how to identify your end goal and get you there quicker. We like to treat your investment needs like a diagnosis and provide you with the particular project, service and return that you require.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships and build wealth together whilst creating results that have a positive impact in the area. Discover more today by getting in touch with your team.

Our clients are like family. See what they are saying...

Property Development FAQs

Berkshire Corporate Group are involved in many types of developments as there are many strategies, we utilise. These vary from new build residential developments to commercial developments. Our website showcases some of the different projects we have completed and have coming up.

There are a few ways in which investors can work with us to complete the variety of brilliant projects we have in our pipeline.  Before covering these in full we like to sit down with our investors and understand their goals before putting options forward. We like to ensure that all of the options we provide are relevant to the client and are going to get them to where they want to be in quickest way possible. Some of our options include fixed returns as a ‘loan agreement’ or Joint Venture partnerships.

There are a few ways we fund our deals. One way is using private investment and offering fixed returns on that investment. We also use what is known as development finance; this is where we borrow the amount needed to build the project and pay back a % amount on top of the agreed total. We also have the option of using bridging finance to purchase a property/development opportunity which is in essence a short-term loan which is widely used by many property investment companies to help with purchases of projects. Other options we have used to finance our projects include family offices, senior debt, private equity and a combination of them all. We tailor our finance options to the project as we never take a “one size fits all” approach to anything that we do.

A development can last for many years depending on the size. We have carried out projects which have completed in 4 months and others which have completed in 18 months. Therefore, it is difficult to say, however, it is critical that as property developers, we understand the time frames we are working to for our projects to mitigate any risks of rising interest costs on development loans and any on site overhead costs which would increase due to time scales running over.

We offer fixed returns of up to 10% on any private investment. The % amount depends on the project/deal itself, therefore, the higher the investment needed, the higher the returns typically are.

Any kind of investment carries risks associated with investing. There are, however, ways in which we can mitigate these risks to help protect our partner’s investments in us. This includes: Structuring the deal correctly and purchasing at the best possible price, using more cost-efficient construction methods, build in contingencies within our costs and build to the highest specification possible to help drive the total Gross Development Value (GDV) up to increase the overall project value. We use our innovative D.E.P.O.S.I.T model to de-risk our projects as risk management is crucial to us. You can discover more about this process by contacting us today.