Th Process Berkshire Corporate is using to become London’s #1 property development company – one development at a time

Berkshire Corporate is one of UK’s fastest growing property development and investment companies, We specialise in transforming undervalued buildings into luxury and affordable homes. At the same time, we pioneer new build schemes around London and other major cities in England.

What We Do Berkshire Corporate

Real Estate Asset Management that London Trusts

As an asset management company, Berkshire Corporate works with a carefully selected investor bank made up of individuals, funds, institutions to partner to deliver our projects. We attract the best investors because we’ve earned a reputation for building the luxury developments Londoners flock to.


Luxury London Property Developers with an Eye for Opportunity

We understand that property investments can be somewhat challenging and some real estate investment companies in London can lack transparency. That’s why we strive to make the process simple, clear and effortless for you. We do this by identifying and carrying out extensive diligence to ensure our projects are de-risked. We then pair the right property investment opportunities with investors who are willing to establish a partnership with us.

Berkshire Corporate runs on the rare principles of delivering de-risked property projects for our investors protecting the downside to ensure profit achieved. All done through our years of experience.