How It Works

How it Works Berkshire Corporate


Our property investment and management process begins with our ability to identify high return opportunities.

We are more than just a property investment company.

London is a unique environment, and Berkshire Corporate’s years of experience here gives us the edge in finding real ‘diamond in the rough’ development opportunities before even marketed on the open market.

With a keen focus on our expected level of returns and the potential associated risk, Berkshire Corporate sifts through numerous properties to discover the property choices with the most value. These properties are always overlooked by other property development firms and are within areas of Inner and Greater London witnessing significant infrastructural development.

How we unlock opportunities

Together with our professional team we have a detailed understanding of the planning and development process. Because we have the necessary knowledge, experience and contacts, there is a genuine opportunity to enjoy sustainable yet secure returns mitigating financial risk by investing with us in carefully selected and rigorously managed land and residential-led development opportunities.

Our deal-based approach ensures that our partners are immediately considered for selected development prospects and enjoy the maximum level of flexibility to ‘take a view’ on a project-by-project basis.

Successful planning gains and development profits are achieved through comprehensive research, effective management of processes and the careful control of risk.

As one of the fastest-growing property investment companies in London, we involve our investors on a fixed return basis giving secure yet sustainable returns. Also, we consider joint venture with third party property developers throughout London and the rest of the UK, providing us with the financial might to take on bigger projects.