How It Works

How it Works Berkshire Corporate


Our property investment and management process begin with our rare ability to identify high margin opportunities.

We are more than just a property investment company.

London is a unique environment, and Berkshire Corporate’s years of experience here gives us the edge in finding real ‘diamond in the rough’ development opportunities before anyone else does.

With a keen focus on our expected level of returns and the potential associated risk, Berkshire Corporate sifts through numerous properties to discover the property choices with the most value. These properties are always overlooked by other property development firms and are within areas of Inner and Greater London witnessing significant infrastructural development.



Once our investors have agreed upon a project, we quickly swing into action and purchase the properties, giving us an edge over other property developers in London.

Buying luxury property developments in London is no simple task, and not everyone can do so quickly.

As one of the fastest growing property investment companies in London, we involve our investors on a fixed return basis. Also, we joint venture with 3rd party property developers throughout London and the rest of the UK, providing us with the financial might to take on bigger projects.


Design and Build

Berkshire Corporate strips back the purchased properties quickly, and rebuilds them using the most efficient model.

We’ve become one of the most successful luxury residential developers London has ever seen.

The secret is in our process. To boost the resale value of these properties, we enhance the architectural design by creating more space and installing modern home technologies. Compared to most luxury London property developers we have incredibly in-depth knowledge of maximizing property value, and that’s why we are one of the leading property investment companies in the UK today.


Maximise Efficiency

To maximise the efficiency of costs, we utilize tax breaks and also structure our property investments to be tax efficient.

Berkshire Corporate delivers the real estate asset management London most relies upon.

We employ a unique financial model to achieve maximum rental returns and ultimately optimise profitability. Property asset management in London requires no less.


Achieve a Significant Capital Gain

As a specialist investment, development and management company, we consistently deliver high returns to our investors at different levels of risk.

Make no mistake, real estate asset management in London is has its ups and downs.

One of the reasons we maintain our position is our reliability. Investors with Berkshire can expect to receive their initial investments and a final share of the profits at a stipulated period. We maintain a diversified portfolio, to ensure you receive the consistent results you would expect from one of the best property investment firms in London.