The team at Berkshire Corporate is pleased to announce the London Heights Project fully let and under our management. With the entire project being rented in just a matter of a few weeks, 3 ½ to be exact, the building is now fully occupied. In what is an uncertain period for many developers it is a huge achievement for the Berkshire Corporate team and our investor partners who now move onto other projects with us.

7 Months To Completion

The London Heights project officially started on site in September 2018 and took until March 2019 to renovate the original building creating 12 high specification apartments. Each apartment has been carefully designed to maximize space without compromising on the luxury finish we aim to deliver for our end users to create an opulent living experience.

Berkshire Corporate’s London Heights Project Update Berkshire Corporate

History Of The London Heights Building

The London Heights building project began life as a dated and empty commercial building located in Surrey. It was in need of some major upgrades and a complete redevelopment in order to bring it to the residential private rental market. Many improvements were needed throughout the building, yet the team at Berkshire Corporate saw the building’s investment potential. They went to work right away, creating an efficient, albeit realistic schedule which would facilitate the complete renovation of the building. This schedule included a wide range of practical, yet inspirational, design ideas by the design team which were implemented by the build team on site.

Berkshire Corporate’s London Heights Project Update Berkshire Corporate

Upon completion, the London Heights project was well-received by the investors and the community alike. The new building, which is now fully rented breathes new life into the area as well as new commerce opportunities for local businesses.

Thank You From Berkshire Corporate

The team at Berkshire Corporate would like to thank everyone involved in making this project such a big success including the investors, planning and design team, the contractorsand anyone else who contributed to making this project possible.

Berkshire Corporate’s London Heights Project Update Berkshire Corporate

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